Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo

A fresh start. For everyone, finally. Even Villa Crespi is ready to reopen its doors, the same team and same enthusiasm as always, « but with a new awareness of time, which we have to retrieve and savor once again. »

Cinzia Primatesta, the owner of Villa Crespi, clearly has an idea of the possibilities post-COVID reopening phase could offer. To confidently look towards the future, and turn the page, it is time to take stock of these extremely unusual 60+ days.

Cinzia, how did you deal with the closure in March?

It was an intense and obviously very sad moment. But we were aware that closing was the safest and most logical solution for dealing with the first period of the epidemic. Our attention immediately turned to the well-being of our employees and staff. We wanted to maintain a sense of team and belonging, and could continue to do so thanks to the technology we now have available. This time didn’t go to waste; our staff had the chance of participating in any training course of their choice. At the same time, we were also thinking of our guests.

Your guests? In what way?

Simply by letting them know we were here. A phone call. A message. A gesture of solidarity. A little something not necessarily related to a commercial, economic or customer-supplier relationship, in a time of general difficulty.

What are your thoughts on the situation our planet is going through?

I believe we need to find a deeper meaning. We have an opportunity to focus on complex issues which affect everyone personally. Key themes such as pollution and respect for the earth and water surrounding us. We need to invest in the well-being of the environment and people. By dedicating first a bit of attention to ourselves, we can do good for the community and the environment; taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically, and eating healthily. Choosing local and seasonal products, for example. Discovering their naturally rich nutrients and ingredients. Selecting local markets and businesses. Eating well also means having a better immune system. As well as getting back to helping each other from the start. We still don’t know the full effect of this pandemic. We’ll only be able to understand in the months to come.

What new measures will be introduced within the structure?

Obviously, we are waiting to see all the regulations we will have to comply with. But at Villa Crespi nothing much will change from a logistical point of view. For example, the dining rooms have always been designed to provide guests with complete discretion. Without forgetting that we have been using particular sanitizing systems inside all the rooms at Villa Crespi for years now, state-of-the-art technology operating non-stop for perfect and constant fresh air ventilation.

Any major changes?

Our great surprise is going to be the garden restaurant. An idea we have had in mind for a long time and which only sped up during this lockdown. We now have the opportunity of offering our culinary excellence in the Villa’s garden. A very special fusion. We are studying to offer weekly menus, balanced and nutritious, along side the possibility of physical activity in the open air. Even a leisurely walk, which in addition to being great for vitamin D, is also refreshing for the body and spirit.

What are your feelings about this new start?

We are looking forward to starting again. And are delighted to be able to carry on with our mission, vision and work ethic. We wish to bewitch our guests, exactly as before. Our philosophy of hospitality is still that of welcoming guests into a world of authentic Italian charm where they might enjoy a new summer of life. We want to make time and dedicate a new awareness to those moments of happiness we experience.