Lago di Mergozzo

Lake Mergozzo, the blue mirror of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola

Is one of the cleanest basin in Italy, offering a wide range of activities for athletes as well as families. 

Is one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in the whole Italian Peninsula and sits in Verbano Cusio Ossola (Piedmont). This basin is very close to the Gulf of Borromeo and takes its name from Mergozzo, the village welcoming it. What are the main characteristics of Lake Mergozzo, and what are the activities offered for tourists? 

History and geographical characteristics

Once, Lake Mergozzo constituted the most Western part of Lake Major, namely the Sinus Mergotianus.  The continuous floods of river Toce contributed to the emersion of a stretch of land, which divided Lake Major into two basins. Lake Mergozzo was born. The lake is still connected to Lake Major thanks to a channel long 2.7 km. 

One of the main characteristics of Lake is that its waters are one of the clearest in Italy thanks to the lack of industrial manufacturers on its shores; the ban on the use of motorboats; and a drainage system not discharging in the basin. 

With regards to the structural characteristics of Lake, the basin is 2.5 km long, and a bit more than 1 km wide. 

Lake waters reach a depth of 74 meters,  for a total volume of water which is almost 90 million  meters cubic meter. Lake Mergozzo merges with various other watercourses, among which:

  • Rascina Stream;
  • Valle dei Noci Stream;
  • Toce River.

What to do by Lake Mergozzo? 

National and international tourists love Lake Mergozzo thanks to its waters. The basin suits those who love water sports, as kayaking; windsurf; and recreational fishing. For those favoring other activities, they find in Lake Mergozzo a place where to relax far from hot temperatures. Along the rivers of Lake, you find several beaches, where you can dive in the crystal-clear waters of the lake. 

Among the several beaches here by Lake, the ones worth sharing are: 

  • Free sandy beach La Quieta, located on the road leading to Verbania;
  • Free sandy free beach  Continental, in Verbania;
  • Grass beach Piccolo Lago, in Verbania;
  • Free grass beach Lido Pilastri, in Mergozzo;
  • Free grass beach il Portaiolo – La Rustica, still in Mergozzo.

Its beaches are ideal for families: they find bars, picnic areas, toilets, and entertainment areas. In case you wish to go for a pleasant walk, you find a trail running from the west side of Lake Mergozzo. We are talking about the Blue trail, a historical-environmental trail branching out along the Western side of Mount Montorfano. This track will leads tourists from the inhabited center of Mergozzo to the village of Montorfano, following a ring route that goes through the woods. 

Photo by sabino1979 on Flickr