Alpyland is the amusement park at the top of Mottarone, a place where the eye is lost among the peaks of the Alps, the beautiful lakes and the Lombard lands.

On the summit you can experience the sparkling experience of the Alpine Coaster, a bobsled roller coaster opened in both winter and summer. Fun for everyone and for all ages (from 4 years old and up).

The Alpine Coaster is like a roller coaster where each rider gets to decide how fast  the ride goes! Two-seater bobs have a braking system, the passenger in the rear seat can control the speed. The track is 1200m long and runs over a height difference of 100m.


open year-round

From Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm

In winter (from December to March), the bobsled roller coaster is opened only on weekends and during the Christmas holidays. During the summer (April to October) the track is opened daily.

In November, the structure is closed.

If wanting to visit during the week, it is recommended to send an email to check the opening and closing hours.


Single Run Children Tickets (from 9 to 12 years old and over 65): € 4.00

Single Run Adult Tickets: € 5.00

4-run Children Tickets (from 9 to 12 years old and over 65): € 13.00*

4-run Adult Tickets: € 16.00*

6-run Children Tickets (from 9 to 12 years old and over 65): € 17.00*

6-run Adult Tickets: € 20.00*

*4-Run and 6-Run tickets are personalized and may be used over several days. They expire on December 31st  of the year of issue.

For more information:


Tel and fax: +39 0323 30295