The secrets of a starred Restaurant revealed with fun and simpleness…Cooking class on lake Orta

Plin Cannavacciuolo

Spending time cooking is not only the daily duty of mothers and women, not only the Christmas meal, not only a candlelight dinner with one’s lover or a birthday but it is as well a refined art, a passion and a game.

It means to mix ingredients, colours, flavours, to know how to do it, to realize dishes in order to involve and excite both the cook and the eater. Step by step it is possible to prepare delicious recipes and to improve culinary skills.
Nowadays we read culinary guides, we watch programmes on TV, we ask grandmothers for recipes, we discuss on the internet, we listen to radio programmes about this argument… so, why do not attend a special cooking class?


Gli chef della brigata, interagiscono con tutta la loro allegria, mostrando le preparazioni ed i trucchi per una riuscita eccellente, di quelli che sono piatti facilmente riproducibili nelle case, per poter poi stupire amici, parenti ed amori.

Potersi dire: ho cucinato un antipasto, un primo piatto ed un dessert gourmet; potersi dire: l’ho fatto da solo….potersi dire: inventiamo variazioni, giochiamo e divertiamoci cucinando…
A cooking course in Villa Crespi is an interesting, amusing and exciting experience. Why don’t you make the most of this possibility of visiting one of the most well renowned kitchen? Our group of young and prepared cooks is ready to show and explain how to prepare some of the historical recipes of the Restaurant taken from the innovative mediterranean cuisine of Chef Cannavacciuolo. Spend two hours in a friendly environment, learn the recipes and the tricks to realize perfect meals to surprise your friends, your family and loves.
At the end, you will say


“Wow, I cooked a gourmet appetizer, a main course a dessert… I did it by myself…”

Play, invent, have fun…