The experience that stop the time

The hands of the clock slow their progress, in the air the story of dishes that excite at first glance. Silent dancers move around you to give you the show of impeccable service, in a frame of Moorish details that speak of ancient stories: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Restaurant of Villa Crespi.



Chef Cannavacciuolo’s cuisine brings to mind two types of love: one is for the past, to the places that gave rise to its history; the other looks with gratitude at the land that welcomed him, frame of the first dreams realized.

And so, Campania and Piedmont travel hand in hand, bringing to light the excellence of ingredients and fine wines, with the creativity of unforgettable combinations.

Villa Crespi Cantina


La scelta proposta vanta 1.800 etichette che contemplano al meglio le proposte classiche e contemporanee.

La nostra carta vini è in continua evoluzione e le proposte al suo interno percorrono il territorio italiano ed internazionale in lungo e in largo.

Nelle cantine, una utilizzata per i vini rossi e una per spumanti, champagne e vini bianchi, le bottiglie riposano alla temperatura e all’umidità ideale per il loro perfetto mantenimento.

Secondo una leggenda popolare, sottopassaggi e cunicoli collegano le cantine della Villa all’Isola di San Giulio e alla Torre di Buccione. Un tempo luogo di culto e preghiera, questi luoghi della Villa, sono ora dedicati alla cura e alla conservazione delle pregiate etichette presenti in carta che vengono personalmente scelte e selezionate dal nostro Sommelier e dallo Chef.



Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Chef Cannavacciuolo’s childhood smells of dishes cooked with love, like grandma’s ragout, the first recipe in his memories.

From a very young age he experienced the spirit of sacrifice and the desire to perfect himself, working in different cuisines in Italy and Europe.

Then, the encounter that changes his life: Cinzia Primatesta, today his wife, takes up with him the challenge of bringing back Villa Crespi. They have realized a dream at twenty years old, which still lives today thanks to the impeccable work of a brilliant and passionate team.


Constant research and inspiration has led them on new catering and hospitality adventures. In honor of his origin land, Chef Cannavacciuolo, with his wife Cinzia Primatesta, has opened the resorts Laqua by the Sea and Laqua Countryside, in the Sorrento peninsula. To complete the Collection, Laqua Vineyard in the Tuscany hinterlands and Laqua by the Lake on the shores of Lake Orta. In this setting of success, also the Cannavacciuolo Café & Bistrot, the Cannavacciuolo Bistrot in Turin, the stores Il banco di Antonino and the Cannavacciuolo Laboratorio.

His passion for people and quality has given him the chance to become known by the general public in his role as a testimonial for quality brands, as a TV Chef with entertainment programs and talent shows such as Masterchef, Masterchef Celebrity, Cucine da Incubo and ‘O mare mio.