Cannavacciuolo's Villa Crespi is the best: awarded the third Michelin Star


An honor almost feels like a coronation, celebrating a milestone that brings Villa Crespi into the global spotlight.

Villa Crespi is now among the 139 best restaurants in the world

8 November 2022, a date that will forever be etched in the heart of Villa Crespi, as it throbs a little faster today It speeds up as the world stands still, eyes turned toward that arabesque residence we call home.

After 23 years of excellence, Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo sees his third star added to the others, long hoped for and well deserved. Alongside him are Executive Chef Simone Corbo and Restaurant Manager Massimo Raugi.

This is where it all began, with the people who have made it possible to reach this world-class achievement. A cohesive and passionate team, Chef Cannavacciuolo and Cinzia Primatesta choose and have chosen every day because, in them, they see a special gift.

After all, making each guest feel at home, and sharing emotions through the dishes, accompanied by smiles and meticulous care, are actions immersed in pure art.


To you, who are part of this family.
To you, who have been our guest at Villa Crespi.
To you, who dream of sitting at one of those tables for the first time.

Thank you for living this dream with us.


Villa Crespi honored for Best Dining Service Experience by the Gambero Rosso 2023 Italian Restaurant Guide

A precious award for our 2 Stars Michelin restaurant

A great pride for our Relais et Chateaux - the Gambero Rosso 2023 Italian Restaurant Guide awarded us Best Dining Service Experience.



Different voices can describe the dining room of a Michelin-starred restaurant: there is that of the guest, who savors the masterfully staged show, and there is that of the dining room itself, full of people, exact rhythms, and dance steps carved in memory.

And this is the very voice that today shares with us Villa Crespi's recognition for winning the Premio Speciale al Miglior Servizio di Sala 2023 for Best Dining Room Experience by Gambero Rosso. Our Michelin 2-Star Restaurant, designed by Chef Cannavacciuolo, opens wide its doors to this incredibly coveted honor in the Italian restaurant industry, which celebrates the precision, care and perfection of its dining service, and not only.

The 2023 Italian Restaurant Guide award commends the harmonious and impeccable work of a special team directed by Restaurant Manager Massimo Raugi. He paints the room as a place where protocols and dances, together with passion, culture and beauty. These distinct elements provide guests with an experience that is timeless and enchanting.



To receive the award for Miglior Servizio di Sala 2023 means to look with pride at each and every member of our staff. The timing of their movements and silent looks of understanding make it possible to raise the curtain at just the right moment.

And it excites us to think there are still so many talented people who will cross the threshold of Villa Crespi, bringing us and our guests even more delight.




When Cannavacciuolo deconstructed the Neapolitan pastiera

The rielaboration of an historical dish

If you know intimately the flavors of your home, you can afford to play skillfully to give them a new and iconic twist; we present Chef Cannavacciuolo and his Pastry Chef PierFederico Pascale's deconstructed pastiera.

Cannavacciuolo's pastiera: an artistic composition


Photo credits: Francesca Pagliai


Villa Crespi's Michelin 2-Star Restaurant has welcomed thousands of guests to its halls since 1999. Those same guests have experienced new dishes, revamped menus, and classic dishes given a makeover in constantly changing forms. Such is the case with Antonino Cannavacciuolo's pastiera, a traditional Neapolitan dessert echoing the Chef's beloved roots.

Pastry Chef PierFederico Pascale wanted to celebrate these by working with the Patron Chef at Villa Crespi to transform the classic composition of the pastiera. The result is a dish that visually unties the key elements of the recipe; a swivel of pastiera cream cheese serves as the base for the perfect scoop of ice cream, alongside a pearly blanket of rice milk cooked in wheat.

On the left, the plate is tinged orange with a faux vanilla and citrus yolk, accompanied by an almond sponge and ricotta mousse.

The concept of the deconstructed pastiera



Behind a dish, where each element seems to have a life of its own, hides a backward process. No longer is there a dessert presented in its entirety, but it comes apart once tasted. Instead, unconnected flavors come together when the dessert spoon hits the palate.

With all the ingredients together, you'll feel like you're savoring a classic Neapolitan pastiera. A game, a bet that Cannavacciuolo and Pascale, together with the brigade, chose to play with the guests of Villa Crespi.

And, as always, managing to win.


Is Cannavacciuolo's pastiera available only deconstructed?


Photo credits: Stefano Fusaro

Chef Cannavacciuolo and his pastiera are not only available in the deconstructed version that has already charmed all connoisseurs of his Michelin 2-Star cuisine. A more classic mold is surely ever-present among his recipes, which also keeps enthusiasts for tradition happy.

And so, in his Laboratorio Artigianale in Suno, this wonderful treat is made with a soft center and characteristic shortbread strips. A dessert you could serve during the holidays, following step-by-step instructions from the Chef's official recipe found on the website.

Innovation and tradition are always part of Antonino Cannavacciuolo's cuisine. It is from their very fusion that the best works of art come to life.



Walk through the rooms at Villa Crespi

Story of a stay at Villa Crespi

Fourteen rooms from a Thousand and One Nights and 14 Arabian princesses. Let's take you inside the rooms at Villa Crespi ... gold-hued drapery, furnishing and stunning parquet floors.

Fourteen princesses


Photo credits: Stefano Butturini

The rooms of Villa Crespiquiet and regal, hidden within the princely walls of our Lake Orta villa, have very unique and diverse souls. Rania and Sheherazade glorify their imperial red tapestry, providing guests with moments of intimate romance.

Amira and Nur, our golden Premium Suites, radiate the homey warmth of a cozy refuge to return to with their reading nook and plush four-poster bed. Jamila and Zeina, our Executive Suites overlook the shores of Lake Orta and evoke contemplation. Snuggling in one of the armchairs next to the windows is the perfect moment to indulge in thoughtful meditation and thoughtful reflection. Peaceful in character are Leila and Samar, upholstered in royal blue silk. Your entire body will experience a sense of calm, and your heart will beat with gentle ease.

Aidha and Isdihar, two Deluxe Rooms with exquisite parquet floors and elegant marble bathrooms, will delight you with their grandeur. And finally, the four jewels are found at the Villa's highest point. Our four Classic Rooms have soft blush shades and old-world flair and are complete with crenelated terraces overlooking the spectacular lake: Aisha, Muna, Najaa and Yasmin.


The hidden details of the rooms at Villa Crespi


Photo credits: Stefano Butturini

Learning about the rooms at Villa Crespi, as described by someone else who has experienced them, is not the same as actually staying there. Walking barefoot on the beautiful parquet floors is a sensation not easy to explain. It's a bit like stepping into the tales of noble knights, poets, rulers, and connoisseurs of refined style and elegance who left their own footsteps in this Villa over the 20th century.

The fine silk walls and soft draperies look like something out of "A Thousand and One Nights," as do the arabesque arches that separate the spaces inside the rooms.

There is an air of Moorish architecture in every intimate detail of the entire structure, just as it was intended by its patron Cristoforo Benigno Crespi.. Inlaid doors and windows, ceilings with starry skies, and mosaic floors ... magic is in every corner.

Waking up at Villa Crespi


Photo credits: Francesca Pagliai

As we wait to welcome you to our stunning rooms at Villa Crespi, we want to share our guests' everyday morning experience. Imagine opening your eyes and finding yourself in a princely four-poster bed.

You'll head to the window and pull back exquisitely sewn curtains to be immediately captivated by the beautiful view of the Lake or of the vast garden home to our vegetable garden and our bee hives.

Breakfast is soon served. On request, you can savor the gourmet specialties of our Michelin 2-star kitchen from the comfort of your sitting room or on your crenelated terrace if you're on the top floor. Read through your favorite newspaper while sipping coffee and relish some of Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo's small pastries. Soak up this dream, especially if you are with the one you love.

I valori e principi di Villa Crespi, per un pianeta più vivo, sostenibile

The values and principles of Villa Crespi, for a more lively, sustainable planet

I valori e principi di Villa Crespi, per un pianeta più vivo, sostenibile

The principles and values of Villa Crespi are to ensure new generations a planet full of life and sustainability, flourishing nature and hope, where they can nurture their dreams and experience excitement and emotions.

Dear friends,

We would like to thank you for the trust you’ve given to our wonderful Residence during the summer season. You were extraordinary and very supportive in this incredibly delicate period our country and the whole world has been living.

The difficult health emergency that once again is putting us to the test, certainly has not taken away our desire to be ready, more than ever. We aim to make your stay at Villa Crespi as harmonious and safe as possible.

This is why Villa Crespi has proudly decided to makes its mark, to project its values and principles into the future and ensure new generations a planet full of life and sustainability, flourishing nature and hope, where they can nurture their dreams and experience excitement and emotions.

The hope … we see in your eyes upon arrival … we see in your smiles as you savor the dishes we have carefully paired with local organic products chosen daily, farm-to-table for you, along with herbs grown directly by our gardeners and picked by our staff in the garden corner of our century-old park.

Respect and safety

We take care when cleaning the rooms and common areas, which is done exclusively with steam. A dedicated vacuum cleaner is used to remove dust and filter the air with the natural energy of water, thereby reducing allergy symptoms. All mattresses and pillows are covered with soft, certified anti-mite mattress covers and cases. Our housekeepers use, in all rooms and suites, ozone sanitizing, which, in this delicate period, enables us to provide maximum cleanliness and hygiene of private spaces during your stay.

This past year we have integrated not only in the areas dedicated to guests but also in all those used by our employees, a state-of-the-art active sanitization system using advanced technology capable of eliminating most of the pollutants in the air. The same system was developed and used by NASA to sanitize the areas destined for aerospace missions.

Protecting our planet

We have focused on safeguarding the environment, and we do so with small daily actions to help reduce and efficiently manage waste.

For example, the amenities found in our rooms and suites are made of glass as we try to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible.

Our goal is to become a Plastic Free facility by 2021.

Aware of the immeasurable value nature offers us, we are trying to adopt all the necessary precautions to become an organic whole with the richness of the environment around us. We’ve been doing this since 2018, when we decided to devote a part of our park to 5 beehives. We care for them daily, and in return, we are gifted with delicious honey you can enjoy in the morning at breakfast or find in our desserts.

Villa Crespi also devotes particular attention to energy consumption. The very reason we have launched an energy efficiency program to track and manage energy consumption while avoiding any potential waste in each department. A small gesture that may seem trivial, but has long since become a rule in our house, is the use of energy-efficient light bulbs wherever possible. All rooms and suites have a new system of valves for the air conditioning and heating systems designed to ensure energy efficiency. Each guest can control the temperature inside their own room. With this system, we can significantly reduce energy waste.

We would also like to proudly share with you how we’ve taken care of our most precious assets. Since 2006, thanks to a purification plant, all drinking water used at Villa Crespi gets purified. This system makes it possible for us to provide better, more natural tasting dishes and water you can drink in total safety. Since 2017 Villa Crespi has two dedicated EV charging stations, allowing us to assist you in recharging your car during your stay if necessary.

The importance of a single gesture

These past few months and the one we are currently living can only lead us to think carefully, to think about each single gesture, even those most obvious ones, which can help us all to improve together. Conveying this thought, as well as our philosophy of hospitality and cuisine, is for us an integral part of what represents the Villa Crespi experience.

We wish to give you an opportunity to join us, to face together the future that lies ahead….today with a bit of uncertainty but with the desire to “live” that ties us together now more than ever.

Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo

A chat with Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo

Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo

A fresh start. For everyone, finally. Even Villa Crespi is ready to reopen its doors, the same team and same enthusiasm as always, “but with a new awareness of time, which we have to retrieve and savor once again.”

Cinzia Primatesta, the owner of Villa Crespi, clearly has an idea of the possibilities post-COVID reopening phase could offer. To confidently look towards the future, and turn the page, it is time to take stock of these extremely unusual 60+ days.

Cinzia, how did you deal with the closure in March?

It was an intense and obviously very sad moment. But we were aware that closing was the safest and most logical solution for dealing with the first period of the epidemic. Our attention immediately turned to the well-being of our employees and staff. We wanted to maintain a sense of team and belonging, and could continue to do so thanks to the technology we now have available. This time didn’t go to waste; our staff had the chance of participating in any training course of their choice. At the same time, we were also thinking of our guests.

Your guests? In what way?

Simply by letting them know we were here. A phone call. A message. A gesture of solidarity. A little something not necessarily related to a commercial, economic or customer-supplier relationship, in a time of general difficulty.

What are your thoughts on the situation our planet is going through?

I believe we need to find a deeper meaning. We have an opportunity to focus on complex issues which affect everyone personally. Key themes such as pollution and respect for the earth and water surrounding us. We need to invest in the well-being of the environment and people. By dedicating first a bit of attention to ourselves, we can do good for the community and the environment; taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically, and eating healthily. Choosing local and seasonal products, for example. Discovering their naturally rich nutrients and ingredients. Selecting local markets and businesses. Eating well also means having a better immune system. As well as getting back to helping each other from the start. We still don’t know the full effect of this pandemic. We’ll only be able to understand in the months to come.

What new measures will be introduced within the structure?

Obviously, we are waiting to see all the regulations we will have to comply with. But at Villa Crespi nothing much will change from a logistical point of view. For example, the dining rooms have always been designed to provide guests with complete discretion. Without forgetting that we have been using particular sanitizing systems inside all the rooms at Villa Crespi for years now, state-of-the-art technology operating non-stop for perfect and constant fresh air ventilation.

Any major changes?

Our great surprise is going to be the garden restaurant. An idea we have had in mind for a long time and which only sped up during this lockdown. We now have the opportunity of offering our culinary excellence in the Villa’s garden. A very special fusion. We are studying to offer weekly menus, balanced and nutritious, along side the possibility of physical activity in the open air. Even a leisurely walk, which in addition to being great for vitamin D, is also refreshing for the body and spirit.

What are your feelings about this new start?

We are looking forward to starting again. And are delighted to be able to carry on with our mission, vision and work ethic. We wish to bewitch our guests, exactly as before. Our philosophy of hospitality is still that of welcoming guests into a world of authentic Italian charm where they might enjoy a new summer of life. We want to make time and dedicate a new awareness to those moments of happiness we experience.

Cinzia Cannavacciuolo tell her love story

I’m Cinzia Primatesta, Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s wife and business partner.

I still remember the day I was sitting in a car parked outside of Villa Crespi. It was in the middle of the nineties, and I was with my father and one of his friends. I remember him recommending my father a young Neapolitan chef for some months’ work in our hotel. Obviously, the young Chef was Antonino, but little did I know that that conversation would change my life forever. 

23 years later, I still remember the moment Antonino entered the family hotel to await his interview. He was sitting in the hall.. this is incredible, really! I mean, through the years, you see many people walking in and out to attend their interviews. But his interview…somehow I felt there was something special about this one. I felt a bond with him.

I think it’s a significant factor that I was struck by his charisma since the very first day. So far, Antonino’s charisma remains his distinctive mark. We started working long hours together.  So, our relationship slowly evolved and became a true love story.

Cannavacciuolo restaurant winter menu

Discover our new winter menu

Cannavacciuolo restaurant winter menu

Discover the perfumes and flavors of winter, the centerpiece of our new winter menu, designed by Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

With the arrival of winter, Antonino, together with his brigade, will bring out the flavors of the season with his new creations which will celebrate the simple and marvelous ingredients found traditionally in Southern and Northern Italy.

Among the new winter menu are some key ingredients coming from the Chef’s homeland, Campania, combined with the excellence of classic Piedmontese tradition.

Indulge in the winter menu: local snails, white turnips, Piedmont’s “salsa verde” (traditional parsley sauce) and breaded amberjack fish, turnip greens and “bagna càuda” (delicious anchovy and garlic sauce) as an appetizer. The first courses give way to Carnaroli rice, local butter, sage and smoked herring and you just have to try one of the second courses like the lobster and caviar with chicken broth or the suckling pork with chestnuts, celery and chervil root. Finish off with a little something sweet, chestnuts, persimmons and Christmas Panettone.

Inside the Michelin two-star restaurant, choose something from the à la carte menu or enjoy the carefully designed experience for a gourmet lunch or dinner set in the uniquely magical surroundings of Villa Crespi.

Contact Information

Lunch: Wednesday to Sunday
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday
Monday: closed all day

For information:
Call +39 0322 911902, from 10 am to 7 pm


Villa Crespi - miglior ristorante italiano Best Restaurant

The Best Italian Restaurant In the World is Villa Crespi

Villa Crespi - miglior ristorante italiano Best Restaurant

People Consider Villa Crespi As the Best Italian Restaurant In the World

Villa Crespi looks like a dream in people’s minds. Sometimes, the every-day reality is better than dreams. Today, Villa Crespi has certainly lived one of those days. Why? Because Trip Advisor named Villa Crespi the third-best restaurant in the world. 

Villa Crespi is also the third-best restaurant in the world and the second-best in Europe. 

For the first time in its history, Villa Crespi’s success is international. And so are the dreams of those who look after it every day: from Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo to maître Massimo Raugi; from General Manager Stefania Siani to sous-chefs Simone Corbo and Gabriele Tatzi; from the kitchen to the office staff. 

Trip Advisor: The Truth First 

Villa Crespi’s Family achieved an important goal together. TripAdvisor represents the most democratic voice of high cuisine. 

On TA, users may express extremely different opinions: there, you“Get the Truth, Then Go.” 

In this case, the reality is that Villa Crespi is world excellence.

“TRB Hutong,” in Beijing, and “Epicure,” in Paris, are the only ones before Antonino Cannavacciuolo on the list. 

Twenty years of Success to become the third-best restaurant in the world. 

In the same year of the Twentieth anniversary of Villa Crespi, Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo have succeeded in another objective.

After hearing the news, they stated: 

 “Such a result makes us proud and satisfied. 

If we compare this year to the previous years, we notice that our presence abroad has grown stronger.

We thank every person who chose to be one of our guests, and that reviewed us positively. 

We will spend this wonderful moment with our collaborators. Without them, we would not achieve these important goals.” 

No choice but to wait for the future success of Cannavacciuolo and Primatesta’s family; given how the last years were, we are sure they will not disappoint us. 

Coccole e Relax

"Coccole e Relax" package designed by Cinzia Cannavacciuolo

Discover the luxurious package for a bit of pampering and relaxation designed for you by Cinzia Cannavacciuolo

Coccole e Relax” includes a tasting menu with offerings from the South to the North of Italy along with selected wines.

There are many ways to experience Villa Crespi, but only one has been specifically designed by Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo, Coccole & Relax, where you can enjoy an exclusive break at the Moorish villa overlooking Lake Orta, benefit from the Michelin-starred cuisine and unique personal well-being and treatments.

Three nights at Villa Crespi with à la carte breakfast served in your room

Coccole e Relax” includes a 3-night stay at Villa Crespi in a selected room or suite with a la carte breakfast served directly in your room.

Visit Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s kitchen

The Coccole e Relax package includes a 2-hour experience in the kitchen of Villa Crespi’s 2-star Michelin restaurant. A captivating and in-depth tour unveiling the secrets of one of Italy’s most renowned and coveted restaurants. It is here, within this sacred place, that cuisine becomes an art. Come and see how and why it happens. We are waiting for you from 9.30 to 11.30 am.

Menu Primavera Villa Crespi

From the South to the North of Italy – a romantic dinner for two

The Coccole e Relax package includes a romantic dinner for two at Villa Crespi’s 2-star Michelin restaurant. You’ll have the unique opportunity of enjoying an authentic food and wine journey created by Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. His cooking philosophy combines his two “homes” – Piedmont, his adopted region, and Campania, his native region. These two territories come together, ingredients are fused; cheeses and meats from Piedmont with the pasta and fish of the Mediterranean, to create a fresh and savory culinary experience together with carefully selected wines to enhance the evolving innovative menu. Villa Crespi‘s wine cellars, one for reds and the other for sparkling wines, champagnes and white wines, are ideal for storing the bottles at the best temperature and humidity.

Personalised well-being and relaxation massages

With the Coccole e Relax package, guests can choose between the Sound of Silence deep full body relaxation treatment (75 minutes) or the exclusive holistic Onyricon treatment (60 minutes).

Which one should be chosen?

Sound of Silence, deep full body relaxation treatment

This treatment rebalances one’s mind and body. It also stimulates the body’s flow of energy with specific hand movements made to the head and body. This ritual includes, in addition to the body massage, a wonderful facial mask.

Onyricon, holistic treatment

Exclusive holistic treatment deeply affects the body’s senses, which results in a state of deep peace, well-being and psychophysical tranquillity as it naturally stimulates one’s nervous system. During treatment, particular hand movements are carried out on the body’s fundamental points and meridians tied to sleep/wake rhythms. It’s perfect for tackling stress, insomnia, jet leg, as well as anxiety.

Trattamenti Villa Crespi

Coccole e Relax – additional offered services

In addition to the Coccole e Relax package, a number of further exclusive services are available on request:

  • Private limousine service to and from Turin or Milan airports.
  • Boat ride with visit to the island of San Giulio.
  • Champagne rosé afternoon tea, with fresh pastries and savory delicacies.

coccole e relax Villa Crespi


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