Coccole e Relax

"Coccole e Relax" package designed by Cinzia Cannavacciuolo

Discover the luxurious package for a bit of pampering and relaxation designed for you by Cinzia Cannavacciuolo

Coccole e Relax” includes a tasting menu with offerings from the South to the North of Italy along with selected wines.

There are many ways to experience Villa Crespi, but only one has been specifically designed by Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo, Coccole & Relax, where you can enjoy an exclusive break at the Moorish villa overlooking Lake Orta, benefit from the Michelin-starred cuisine and unique personal well-being and treatments.

Three nights at Villa Crespi with à la carte breakfast served in your room

Coccole e Relax” includes a 3-night stay at Villa Crespi in a selected room or suite with a la carte breakfast served directly in your room.

Visit Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s kitchen

The Coccole e Relax package includes a 2-hour experience in the kitchen of Villa Crespi’s 2-star Michelin restaurant. A captivating and in-depth tour unveiling the secrets of one of Italy’s most renowned and coveted restaurants. It is here, within this sacred place, that cuisine becomes an art. Come and see how and why it happens. We are waiting for you from 9.30 to 11.30 am.

Menu Primavera Villa Crespi

From the South to the North of Italy – a romantic dinner for two

The Coccole e Relax package includes a romantic dinner for two at Villa Crespi’s 2-star Michelin restaurant. You’ll have the unique opportunity of enjoying an authentic food and wine journey created by Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. His cooking philosophy combines his two “homes” – Piedmont, his adopted region, and Campania, his native region. These two territories come together, ingredients are fused; cheeses and meats from Piedmont with the pasta and fish of the Mediterranean, to create a fresh and savory culinary experience together with carefully selected wines to enhance the evolving innovative menu. Villa Crespi‘s wine cellars, one for reds and the other for sparkling wines, champagnes and white wines, are ideal for storing the bottles at the best temperature and humidity.

Personalised well-being and relaxation massages

With the Coccole e Relax package, guests can choose between the Sound of Silence deep full body relaxation treatment (75 minutes) or the exclusive holistic Onyricon treatment (60 minutes).

Which one should be chosen?

Sound of Silence, deep full body relaxation treatment

This treatment rebalances one’s mind and body. It also stimulates the body’s flow of energy with specific hand movements made to the head and body. This ritual includes, in addition to the body massage, a wonderful facial mask.

Onyricon, holistic treatment

Exclusive holistic treatment deeply affects the body’s senses, which results in a state of deep peace, well-being and psychophysical tranquillity as it naturally stimulates one’s nervous system. During treatment, particular hand movements are carried out on the body’s fundamental points and meridians tied to sleep/wake rhythms. It’s perfect for tackling stress, insomnia, jet leg, as well as anxiety.

Trattamenti Villa Crespi

Coccole e Relax – additional offered services

In addition to the Coccole e Relax package, a number of further exclusive services are available on request:

  • Private limousine service to and from Turin or Milan airports.
  • Boat ride with visit to the island of San Giulio.
  • Champagne rosé afternoon tea, with fresh pastries and savory delicacies.

coccole e relax Villa Crespi


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Villa Crespi

Love’s Charm

Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian writer and Nobel Prize winner, said that “Life is not what you’ve experienced. It’s about what you’ve remembered and the way you can remember it so you can share it”.

But how do you live and build memories that last forever? Special, luxurious, enchanted memories. How are we supposed to live these so-called “moments to share”?

Responding to these questions is risky business. But we believe that the only limit to fully living these moments is to relish the journey.

This is the reason for our “Incanto d’Amore” package, 2 nights in one of our splendid Moorish suites or rooms, created for this ambitious and noble intention. Designed with the “crazy idea” of bestowing on our guests an enchanting present and unforgettable moments to remember and relive, again and again.

… sunset on a private boat, do you remember?

A warm welcome awaits you at Villa Crespi. Let us take you to your room or suite. Take a look at the mirror of water lying in front of you. Once you’ve taken it all in, you can decide when you’d like to get to know it better. Today? Tomorrow? It’s your choice. But you’ve got to set your watch. You just can’t miss the sun as it goes down. This magical moment, the perfect moment for your holiday.

On board a private boat, surrounded by the wonder of Lake Orta, enjoy a wonderful bottle of fine Italian sparkling wine and the spectacular sunset. An hour all for you, in complete privacy. As the sun plunges into the dark waters of the lake and nature settles all around you, the evening atmosphere is quietly ushered in.

A dinner … see the stars again

Villa Crespi in the evening is even more stunning. There’s no other way to celebrate a place like this than by having dinner. So, we’d like you to try something more than a simple dinner … something like a sensorial experience with a tasting menu at the Michelin 2-star restaurant run by chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, inside Villa Crespi.

The romantic menu, called “Itinerario dal Sud al Nord Italia”, is a journey of colors, moments and scents coming from Chef Cannavacciuolo’s childhood up to present day, in a food and wine event crowning a day of love, flavors and magic.

Breakfast in your room + Exclusive treatment

Your morning awakening, if possible, will be even sweeter. The à la carte breakfast is served in your room; the perfect dose of indulgence for a day of pure relaxation and well-being for your mind and body.

But your special weekend isn’t over yet. 75 minutes have been put aside for each of you. Choose from one of our exclusive treatments designed specifically for you: the Sound of Silence treatment, the Full Hand Lightness manicure or the Walking on Clouds pedicure.

What have you chosen? Take all the time you need. There’s no rush. We’ll be waiting for you in our Wellness Suite.

Understanding your expectations

Your weekend, meant to be lived and the most beautiful and romantic moments of your love kept forever, can also include a few extras on request.

  • Sommelier-led wine tasting to accompany your menu.
  • Rosé Champagne afternoon tea with fresh pastries and savory delicacies.
  • Private limousine to/from the airports of Turin, Milan Malpensa or Linate upon request.

Villa Crespi, the natural choice for your future memories.

Villa Crespi