Monte Mottarone is located between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta. Visitors know it for its breathtakingly beautiful natural surroundings.

Mottarone Lago d'Orta

Monte Mottarone is an imposing peak at 1491 meters above sea level separating Lake Maggiore from Lake Orta. Located between the provinces of Verbania and Novara, this rocky complex is renowned not only for its 5 km long skiing resort with 17 ski and snowboard runs, as well as for the stunning panorama you can relish at the summit.

Monte Mottarone, the spectacular beauty of nature

Nature enthusiasts looking for spectacular panoramas can’t miss out on Monte Mottarone. From the top you can enjoy a 360° view of the Ligurian Apennines, Maritime Alps, Monte Rosa and Monviso, as well as the Swiss Alps. And that’s not all … from Monte Mottarone you can also marvel at the Po Valley and the natural splendor of the “Seven Lakes” (Orta, Maggiore, Mergozzo, Biandronno, Varese, Monate and Comabbio).

In 1911 a rack train was built and became an historic means of transport to reach Monte Mottarone from Stresa. Subsequently, this charming little train was closed down and the current Stresa-Alpino-Mottarone cable car was built in its place. In just 20 minutes, you can go from a lakeside to mountainside setting. Historically, Mottarone is also famous because it was here, on 18 January 1935, that the “Coppa del Duce” was held, an international skiing competition representing Italy’s first giant slalom event.

Monte Mottarone, the ultimate place for sports enthusiasts

Those who love trekking will find Monte Mottarone an ideal location for long and relaxing walks immersed in nature. There are numerous historical and scenic trails that run along this rocky peak. You can hike through secular pine, fir, beech, larch and chestnut forests.

One of the most beautiful is the trail connecting the village of Alpino with the top of Mottarone; in fact, it has an altitude difference of more than 680 meters and lasts about 1.5 hours. Despite the fatigue, visitors are surprised and satisfied by the beautiful natural surroundings and by the spectacular panorama awaiting them at the top of the mountain.

Mottarone is also a very interesting geological site, thanks to the various quarries, primarily made up of white and pink granites, defining its territory. In winter, Monte Mottarone is very popular with skiers and snowboarders. The Mottarone ski resort is home to several kilometers of runs, as well as a fully equipped restaurant area and equipment rental point.

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